Personal challenge for 2023: Organize

April 1, 2023

Organizing? Organi... You must be kidding me, right? Oh I know, It's an April Fools' Day Joke, isn't it?

To which I say, I wish. Okay, let me rephrase it in a bit more interesting way so that you don't click away. I'll be completely killing off most of the side quests and past projects.

I'm only going to give few hours from my weekends to these past projects because I'm also the guy trying to build a home for learners, a little place called Vedilink who also-also works (on his off days) on Recyclero, not to mention the contractual work which happens time to time.

Why you ask? So that my very Asian parents don't get on my back... so yeah, can't lend too much time onto these old projects and most of these will be killed. Yes, I know, I'm regurgitating and this is important as I have to learn how and when to stop.

UPDATE: April 9, 2023

Seeing all these projects on the verge of their demise... I just couldn't bear to let them all die, so I will be resurrecting some of 'em from the dead!

So the first is "MalWAReX", yeah... shutup! I was probably 14 or 15 when I came up with that name, give me a break!

Anyways, the project seems to be a malware samples repository. theZoo and the aptly named MalwareSourceCode weren't around or as popular back then and probably that's the reason our project got ~100 stars without me ever telling a soul about this whatsoever.

Yeah yeah, I am not ready to kill off my dear projects, we'll learn that, I promise, okay? let's have some fun for now, afterrrall...

How you might ask?

Let's freaking create a real zoo, with bars you know.

A virtual machine that can be setup with any of the thousands of samples and we can perform behavioural and statistical analyses on 'em and everything gets logged. Seems like a good tool to me... Let the hacking Begin!

And yes, I know that these things also exist, but mostly barebones, without optimal configurations, without modular design and certainly without any anti-"anti-VM" techniques.

YUHUHH! The name needs to go, the rebranding we'll be going with is, Incarcero (tadaahh!), building from incarcerare meaning incarcerate.